Blackwater Sportsman 

Maryland Waterfowl Hunting​

Mojo was sired by FTCH Shorthorn Tommy of Leadburn. Tommy of Leadburn is the only FTCH yellow in North America, and has qualified three consecutive years for the British Retriever Championships. Only one yellow in the United Kingdom exceeds that record, and that is Tommy’s Sire FTCH Dargdaffin Dynamo  who holds four Championship Qualifications. Mojo’s bloodline includes 17 FTCH and International FTCH winners in just three generations. 
Mojo is from Wildrose Kennel in Oxford, Mississippi. Wildrose is the oldest and most selective breeder of imported British and Irish Labradors in North America. We travelled tens of thousands of miles together in two different countries over his 11 year career amassing thousands of retrieves. Wether by truck, boat or airplane, he hit the ground running, and attracted clients from as far as South Carolina who came to watch him work. After 11 years in the field and hunting with over 200 different hunters, Mojo and I enjoyed that last hunt exactly as we started; just him and I. At just over 13 now, he's living the spoiled retired life here on Maryland's Eastern Shore.