We spend a 3:1 ratio of time spent scouting and prepping for a hunt versus hunting. We work hard to provide you the best opportunity, and we promise our best every time out. We hunt from layout binds, box blinds or pit blinds, and we will communicate that with you before we book the hunt.

     We enjoy the conversation, and welcome any questions about waterfowl hunting when we are out in the field, or leading up to that time. We've been guiding hunts since 2008, and truly enjoy our time in the field with avid waterfowl hunters or those new to the sport. 

     Some things to remember regarding preparation and gear needed for your hunt:

1. Dress warm: Think about the weather when coming out. We see dramatic swings in Maryland, but it is usually cold during the season. Boots that are 1/2 size larger than your shoe size with one good pair of socks is usually all you need. If you are looking at upgrading your cold weather gear, think wool. In a world full of high priced gear, there is not much gear that totally justifies its price tag. Wool however, is one of them.

2. Dress dark: There are so many different camouflage patterns, but please don't think you need to run out to the store and outfit yourself in the latest patterns. Dark brown colored clothing with a face mask works just fine. We work hard on our blinds, and utilize those for concealment so dark brown clothing with a face mask is all you need with us and the face mask may be something you don't need. We'll let you know that at the same time we go over the type of blind we will be hunting from. 

3. Gun: Whether you use an over/under, autoloader, pump or single shot, is up to you. The shells must be steel only (please make sure your choke is compatible with steel shot). Also, double check and make sure you have the correct ammunition (e.g. 3 1/2" shells for a gun that can only load 3" isn't going to work). If you are using a pump, or autoloader, please make sure you have a plug in your gun that prevents the loading of more than 3 shells total (1 in chamber and 2 in magazine).

4. Shot: We recommend BB shells for geese and #2's or #3's for ducks. We also recommend that you pattern your gun with your choke to see what choke works best (e.g. full vs. modified vs. tight modified vs. improved etc). In many cases an aftermarket extended choke will be more consistent than the stock chock that came with your gun. It's one of the first things we look at if we see a hunter "missing" his mark. 

5. Safety & Fun: This could be mentioned first as it is the most important part of any hunt. Safety is paramount, and your guide will introduce himself, discuss the anticipated flight and go over shooting instructions so all hunters are on the same page. We promote a relaxed atmosphere, and encourage you to enjoy yourself and take in all the sights that you will see. Watching the sun come up over a decoy spread to us is one of the great joys in life. We look forward to enjoying that with you.  


Goose / Duck

$750 per blind 4 hunter max

 2023 - 2024 Season

​Still time to hit the field with us this season.