Introducing Wildrose Pride Drake. Like Mojo, Drake comes from Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, Ms. Drake comes from an impressive bloodline of hard working, successful retrievers. Included among them are the 03' and 07' British Retrieving Champion, 09' Russian Retrieving Champion, and the 2007 Irish Retriever of the year. In total, Drake's bloodline includes 27 FTW & INTL FTCH. He's patient in the blind, and always ready to work.  


Our journey together started in Oxford, MS at Wildrose Kennels - Gentleman's Gundogs way back in 2007. Sadly, our journey together on earth ended on May 5, 2021. Together we travelled this country and through the plains of Manitoba, Canada several times. Mojo was a working waterfowl retriever, and we guided hunts and hosted hundreds of people over a career that spanned 11 years. 

Mojo was not a hunt trial dog, but in the beginning we did a couple trials just as a training tool. During our first trial, between the land and water portions, one of the judges came to speak to me. During this first trial, most the dogs entered were 2-3 year olds. The judge, with a grin asked me, "Is he really just 10 months old?" He certainly was, and I knew then, they had never seen anything like him at that age....and neither had I. It was clear then, he was very special.  

I'm told that a working retriever peaks between 6-8 years old. For me, the later years were so much sweeter as communication was simply eye contact or a head nod. Guests would see that, and sometimes comment with a grin that it looked like we had done this a few times. In the end, we had done it a few thousand times. It was one of my greatest joys to see him do what he loved. He was gentle and seemed bigger than every moment he was ever in and truly an old soul. I don’t know what I did to be blessed with such beauty, but I am very grateful to have had him as my best friend.

We used to send out Thank You cards with Mojo's picture on it to people that hunted with us. I received a lot of help from a lot of people in caring for Mojo all these years.
Thank you all.